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Easy Digital Downloads Product Upsells Free Download


Easy Digital Downloads Products Upsell plugin will help you upsell and earn more money through your products. It will help you to display products you want as an upsell to your customers based on your selection. You can customize the look of upsell products by applying custom CSS.

✓ Easy to install
✓ Easy to customize Product List through Downloads Area

Shops using the Easy Digital Downloads Products Upsell plugin have generated thousands and thousands in upsells offers purchased to date, with a total overall conversion rate of 62%!! Could you be making more on every sale like these stores? You bet, and you can start today! Ideal solution for users who sell digital assets!

  • You sell a Theme or Plugin
  • User Adds to cart
  • Instantly there is an option for extra services as Installation, Extra Support, Custom Work etc!

Boost your sales and increase your income!


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