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eBazaar – All In One Multi Vendor Ecommerce CMS Free Download


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eBazaar - All In One Multi Vendor eCommerce CMS

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password: 123456



password: 123456

Delivery Boy


password: 123456

Shop Owner

Password: 123456

eBazaar – All In One Multi Vendor Ecommerce CMS

eBazaar is an eCommerce CMS With three Flutter apps that are created as a wonderful solution for any kind of grocery, e-commerce shop, or store. You can use this Flutter app as one big supermarket app, restaurant, grocery, or e-commerce business to sell products of your store. This app makes it easy for a user to buy a product from a store with easy steps and the store can get easy orders.

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Add mobility to your shop by taking the benefits of the eBazaar – eCommerce store, grocery, medicine, food order app with Laravel Admin Panel


Flutter App Features:
- Shop listing 
- Shop Details
- Products Listing
- Product Details
- Login
- Register
- Cart
- Checkout
- User Profile
- User Orders
- Update Other Status
- Notifications
Web Features:
- Laravel Admin Panel
- Advanced Dashboard
- Manage Shop
- Manage Products
- Assign Product in Shop
- Forgot password
- Locations
- Areas
- Categories
- Products
- Customer
- Administrator
- Auto-update
- Shop
- Shop With Delivery Charge
- Shop Open and Closing Time
- Tentative Delivery Time
- Orders
- Update Order Edit
- Update Other Status
eBazaar Change Log v2.2

Change Log

10th Feb 2022
<h6>Web Updates</h6>
1. Bank Module Add
2. Product Import
3. Purchase Code Bug solving
4. Other Minor Bug Fixed
5. FCM Topic Notification add Admin panel
6. FCM Topic Notification api
<h6>App Updates:</h6>
1. Customer UI change
2. Customer bug fix
3. Shop app UI change
4. Shop bug fix
5. Shop Topic Notification API integration.
8th December 2021 v2.1
- [Feature Added] Customer credit report with order total order Report
- [Feature Added] Delivery boy and customer withdraw Report
- [Feature Added] Delivery boy collection Report
- [Feature Added] Change status directly from the order page
- [Enhanced] Installer issue solved
- [Enhanced] Bugs solved
- [Enhanced] SMTP issue update
- [Enhanced] Flutter(App) version upgrading to the latest version.
- [Enhanced] All Bug and Error solving
- [Enhanced] Payment gateway solved
- [Enhanced] Some UI modification
- [Enhanced] FireBase problem solve
28 Feb 2021 v2.0
- New: Registration as Customer, Shop Owner, Delivery Boy
- New: Sign in as Admin, Customer, Shop Owner, Delivery Boy
- New: Request Withdraw feature
- New: Withdraw feature
- New: Collection feature
- New: Dynamic Role and Permission
- New: Dynamic Banner on the homepage
- New: Dynamic Pages on the homepage
- New: Dynamic Best Selling Shops on the homepage
- New: Dynamic Best Selling Categories on the homepage
- New: Best Selling Products on the homepage
- New: Latest Products on the homepage
- New: Rating Feature on homepage
- Enhanced: Shop Product update
- Enhanced: Notification update
- Enhanced: Order feature updates such as online order feature and cash on delivery feature
- Enhanced: Setting feature update such as Home page setting, Social setting
- Enhanced: Profile feature update in frontend such as account update, overview, transaction, etc
26th July 2020 v1.5
- New: Variation & option in product
- New: Shop owner sales report 
- New: Admin commission report 
- New: OTP setting
- New: Payment setting for paystack
- New: Product multi-image upload
- New: Request product show for shop owner request
- New: Add attach to order feature 
- Enhanced: Some API enhanced
- Enhanced: Shop feature update
- Enhanced: Order feature update
24th June 2020 v1.4
- [New] Razorpay Integration
- [New] Shop App Transaction List
- [New] Customer App Transaction List
- [Updated] Shop App Side Menu Update
- [Updated] Shop App Create Bug Fixing
- [Updated] Customer App Order Fixing
- [Updated] Customer App Tab Bar Bug Fixing
- [Updated] Customer app Login Bug Fixing
- [New] Transaction List for web
- [New] Web Minor Bug Fixing
22th May 2020 v1.3
- [New] Delivery Boy App
- [New] Delivery Boy App New Order list with accepting and ignore button
- [New] Delivery Boy App Order history list 
- [New] Delivery Boy app profile
- [New] Delivery Boy App register
- [New] Delivery Boy App push notification on the new order
- [Update] Customer app minor update
- [Update] Shop app minor update
- [Update] Database minor update
- [Fix] Customer app minor bug fixed
- [Fix] Shop app minor bug fixed
- [Fix] Web app minor bug fixed
18th May 2020 v1.2
- Mobile app
New: Shop Owner App
New: Shop Owner Wallet
New: Push Notification
New: Stripe Payment
Other minor bug fixes and improvements

- Web app
New: Payment settings
New: Email settings
New: SMS settings
New: Order payment
New: Email Notification
New: SMS Notification
New: Twilio Sms gateway integrated
New: Wallet
Enhanced: All Api Enhanced
Enhanced: Shop Update
Enhanced: Database Structure update
Enhanced: Codebase update
Updated: Loading bug fixing
Updated: Order Bug fixing
Updated: Refresh Token Bug fixing
Other minor bug fixes and improvements
11th May 2020
- Mobile app
[Feature] Profile
[Feature] Change Password
[Feature] Payment
[Feature] Card Alert
[Fix] Loading bug fixing
[Fix] Order Bug fixing
[Fix] Refresh Token Bug fixing
- Web App
[Feature] Payment settings
[Feature] Email settings
[Feature] SMS settings
[Feature] Order payment
[Feature] Email Notification
[Feature] SMS Notification
[Feature] Wallet
[Update] Shop Update
[Update] Database Structure update
[Update] Codebase update
[Fix] Order API Minor bug fixed
- Initial release v1.0


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