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Quality TV Bangla is the based Bengali TV Channel.The focus is on supplying local, regional, national and international contents through news, current issues,culture, religion, education by its publicity and to the audience of online viewers. 

Bangladesh is changing. Now is the time to listen to the new generation of Bangladeshis, the vision of promoting our country for their country. Quality TV Bangla can be that new voice, and a platform for new vision. The editorial team is fully committed to providing accurate and unbiased news to inform the public debate and enable Bangladeshis to make an educated choice.

Our commitment to those we serve is to seek the truth, provide information, and provide relevant context and analysis where appropriate. Our voice will be unjust, purposeful and fair. Our goal is to include all relevant opinions and ensure that no significant part of the thought is neglected.

We will try to dig where others do not, give voice to the voiceless. You, our listeners, and indeed all citizens are responsible - we all hold positions that hold the public accountable, the government, corporations, NGOs and many more. Our goal is journalism which is a professional, reliable, trustworthy and transparent practice. We want to activate maximum participation in the national dialogue and lead to a collective decision that will be guided by the vision of the new generation of a country, not by any political party or quota.

We are firmly committed to building a nation based on national sovereignty, democracy and secularism, and a prosperous, just and tolerant society. We will speak for human rights and civil rights, not for selected groups, but for all citizens, but we will nurture an open and respectful debate about the best ways to achieve all such goals.

Our newspapers and websites are there to offer a canvas to showcase their best ideas to help Bangladeshis transform a country into a knowledge-based society where citizens can express their creativity and stealth as a new generation reaches new heights with the advent of age, we We want to be their partner to help Bangladesh create the long-awaited mark of the world.