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Mini Skate (CAPX) Free Download


Mini Skate is a simple game and fun, very challenging  :)
Goal is to pass the 10 levels with only 5 lives! Be careful not to waste it you might need it up front, and enjoy yourself!

We’ve added a mechanic to game clones! it is not fair for you to pay for something and to come and clone your entire script.

With this system the person can even clone all the source code, more run in another url never again!!!
Only for those who bought “capx” can determine in which domain will be executed successfully and only that domain in which you release.

NOTE: Documentation included!

Touch, Keyboard, Mouse.

Full game.
Easy to Reskin.
Easy to add content.
Easy to change source.
Sound Fx.
High resolution: 854X480.
Online support 24/7.
Programming knowledge is not necessary.
Including the Constuct 2 (.capx, .ogg, .mp3, . m4a) files.


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