Raza ruled out of international cricket indefinitely

Raza ruled out of international cricket indefinitely. Zimbabwe all-rounder Sikandar Raza has been ruled out of international cricket for an indefinite period after suffering an infection on his bone marrow, which is thought to be dangerous at one stage.

He went under surgery on April 2 and is now cleared of any serious damage. But the recovery will take several weeks fir which he’ll be out of action.

Raza first felt discomfort in his right arm during the Zimbabwe-Afghanistan series in Abu Dhabi last month. Then after completing the series, he consulted with a specialist and tests revealed that there was something serious there.

I had pain in my right arm during the Abu Dhabi Tests, ”Raza told ESPNcricinfo. “We treated like it was muscular pain initially but the pain kept getting worse. I remember staying up all night, unable to sleep despite having sleeping pills. That’s how I played the Test matches.

After coming home, the ultrasound showed that the muscles are all fine. The MRI showed that I had a foreign or alien substance on my bone marrow. Seeing this the surgeon told me that this substance could make my shoulder bone so weak that I could fracture it by just throwing a ball. He suggested that I do a biopsy right away. I wanted to wait till the Pakistan series but he insisted otherwise. He said that due to the deformity seen in my bicep bone, they were suspecting cancer. ”

Then the 34-year all-rounder went under surgery immediately. I went under the knife within the next 48 hours. They opened up my bicep by drilling the bone. They created a hole to take out some puss and red substance.

All of this was sent for a biopsy, and it came back as negative. There was a type of infection but only last night the bone biopsy report ruled out the cancer, he said.

He also revealed that he’s out of action from international cricket indefinitely. I have been ruled out indefinitely. There’s no set date for my return. Of course this not being cancerous has suddenly fast-tracked some of it.

After the lab professor studies my MRI, I will apparently be on medication and jab for the next six months. We want to treat it aggressively so that I don’t get the infection again. I am very sure that I have three to five more weeks of doing nothing, if everything goes smoothly.

Zimbabwe are currently playing series against Pakistan at home. They’ll play 3 T20Is and 2 Tests against them. In the first T20I today, they lost by 11 runs despite showing the hope of win.