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Reward Point System Addon for YOORI eCommerce CMS Free Download


YOORI Reward Point System Addon

Let’s enable reword pointing system for your customer to engage more and boost sale.Reward Point System Addon build to share and manage reword point.You can set and manage pointing system by category, by seller and product wise.

Reward Point System Addon isn’t an standalone system. This Reward Point System Addon is available only for YOORI – Laravel Vue Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS . If you do not purchase YOORI – Laravel Vue Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS yet then click here for purchasing

Set Reword Point by:

  • Product Wise
  • Category Wise
  • Seller Wise


  1. YOORI – Laravel Vue Multi-Vendor PWA eCommerce CMS Must be preinstalled on your server.
  2. Required Yoori Version: V1.0.4 or Later.


  1. Login to Yoori Dashboard
  2. Goto Addons > Installed Addons
  3. From Right side enter your purchase code and select
  4. Click ‘Save” button to complete installation.
  5. Done & Enjoy.


After successfully installation you will get another menu to your admin dashboard title “OTP System”.

  1. To configure Reward, go to Reward System >Reward Configuration and set
  2. After configuring the reward, You have to set a reward for the product. You can set reward category base, Seller base, and Product base.
  3. To set a reward, go to Reward System >Set Reward and from the right side you will see the category base, product base, seller base reward setting
  4. To see all user rewards, go to Reward System>User Rewards
  5. Done & Enjoy


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