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Social Media Application (Flutter) Free Download


The application uses firebase as the database to provide a smooth experience to the users. The developers have made great UI and UX to provide a great experience to the users. It has great functionalities like authentication, likes, comments, photo posting, a user profile feed, editing the profile photo, name, bio, follow, and unfollow.

The social media app has dark, light, and system default modes which users can change according to the user requirement. People are notified when there is a like, comment, or follow on their profile. This might also be a clone app of Instagram with the design is highly compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The experts have structured the code with a null safety check to make it work efficiently. This ready-made project has a full source code to save a great amount of effort and time.

Some noteworthy features are:

Support for macOS, iOS, Android
Over 15 Unique screens
Dynamic widget structure
Custom views and controls
Simple and minimal design
Seamless animations
Smooth design
Readable Dart codes
Dynamic Pages
Highly responsive design
Push notifications

With this app, users will get the full Dart source code and documentation to simplify the process. The structure of the app makes it simple for the developers to build a social media app with limited time consumption.


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