Italy beat Spain in the final


In the same match, Spanish forward Alvero Morata saw the reverse side of the coin. Alvaro Moratai saved the team against Italy in the first semi-final of the Euro Championship, and he doubled again. The Juventus forward saved the Spaniards 1-0 10 minutes before the end of the match. Italy took the lead in the 70th minute through a goal by Federico Keiser. Alvaro Morata came on the field after 2 minutes. In the 70th minute, he scored a goal by playing one to two with Olmo. As a result, the game is played on the field in extra time. No one was able to hit the target until the allotted time. Morata's shot was returned by the opponent's goalkeeper in the tiebreaker. As a result, Italy entered the final with a 4-2 victory.

This victory has taken them back to the Euro finals after 9 years. Italy went on the offensive from the start. Nicolo Barrella's shot through Emerson's ball in the 4th minute. It hit the goalpost. Even if the ball was caught in the net, it would not be profitable, because it was offside. Spain's first chance came in 13 minutes. Bonucci saved Warzabal's shot from Pedri's pass. Two minutes later Ferran's long shot went just wide of the post. Spain then took control of the game with the ball. The three-time champions retained possession for the e-third time.

He took 5 shots in search of goals. Although the success did not match. After the break, Italy got the goal by going against the flow of the stream, Federico Kiesa got the goal in the 80th minute with a curved shot of his right foot. After this goal, Spain became more desperate. The team let out a sigh of relief. Spain began to attack one after another. The attack started with a new effort after the great playing Spain digested the goal. Still have to wait another 20 minutes to get the equalizer.

Morata equalized for Spain by fooling Donarumma from Dani Olmo's defensive pass, which was a great gift throughout the match. If there are no more goals in the allotted time, the game is played in extra time. Meanwhile, the tiebreaker had to be on the side as he could not score even in that extra time. Italy and Spain failed to score in the first shot. Lokatelli and Olmo did not find the net. Two teams scored from the next two shots. Bellotti and Bonucci played for Italy and Moreno and Thiago Alcantara played for Spain.

Rhythm falls in the fourth shot. Bernardeschi scored Italy 4-2, but Morata's weak shot bounced to the left by Donaruma. Jorgenho scored in the fifth shot to take Italy to the final. Italy will play the final on July 11 after winning 33 matches in a row. After winning the first Euro in 198, they reached the final in 2000 and 2012 but their dreams were shattered. This time Italy is waiting to win the second title of Euro Championship. The winning team between England and Denmark will fight against them in the final.