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map bangla Twentieth-century American writer John Henrik Clark observed: "History is not everything, but it is a starting point. it is a clock that people use to talk about their political and cultural times." He described it as "they use a compass to find themselves on a map of human geography." Perhaps in order to import more Bangladeshis, he observed, "the map is where they are, but they need to be more important to them. map bangla

map bangla Maps are not only important for identifying places, they are often important and civic historical and even archaeological, which is one of the strongest evidence of ancient civilization; In other words, it suggests moving forward by identifying what was once and where it was. And the history of the land that Bangladesh is now is no exception map bangla

map bangla For many, Bangladesh was the only existence since 1971. But like other parts of the world, it has an ancient history and origins that go back to the past. Geologically, its origins are not difficult to estimate. Originating as the Indo-Australian Plate, it merged with the Eurasian Plate and folded the Himalayan barrier about 10 million years ago. It is still advancing at a rate of 67 mm per year, and will probably advance another 1,500 km in Asia over the next 10 million years! map bangla