Best Toshiba2523A Photocopy machine Review

The use of photocopiers has made printing much easier. The Toshiba2523A photocopier is the most outstanding of all photocopiers at present. You can now use this photocopier. There are many benefits to using this machine. Here are some tips on why you should buy Toshiba 2523 a photocopier.

Toshiba2523A Photocopy machine Review

Before buying any product or product, you must know the details about that product. So those who will buy Toshiba 2523 a machine should know what are the advantages of this machine. Below is the complete description of Toshiba 2523 machine: –

Toshiba2523A Features

The Toshiba 2523a general feature is a digital black-and-white and multifunctional printer. With this machine you can easily grind 25 copies of A4 size per minute. Copy can be printed and scanned with the machine. Auto short memory will work if RDF is inserted in the machine.

You can make any photocopy in 6.4 seconds with this photocopier machine. The scan feature of the machine is 150/200/300/400/600 * dpi and its speed color are 24 rpm (200dpi) B & W: 25 rpm (all resolution). The machine takes a total of 15 seconds to get ready.

Toshiba2523A Usability

You get 256 MB of memory for storing files on this machine. Besides, this photocopier machine has a great advantage in that there is no system for storing personal files or data. The paper supply of the machine is that you can give 250 sheets in the door of the machine and you can give 100 sheets by bypass.

You can command the machine from 1 to 999 and zoom from 25% to 400%. The machine uses four modes for copy density control. The total weight of the machine is 25.25 kg. Besides, you also get the benefit of RDF in this machine. What makes this machine different from others? The Toshiba 2523a machine also uses 1.75 lakh large-capacity toners.

You can get this interesting photocopier from for 39,000 Taka. This is the best photocopier machine of our time

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Benefits of Top Best Toshiba 2523A Photocopier