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Naye India ka Naya Channel honours India’s high flying, yet rooted culture and celebrates her ‘Sapnon ki Udaan’

&Pictures is a reflection of the subtle evolution of movies and movie viewing, which can be attributed to the evolution of movie viewers. Today, the divide among people from various walks of life is fading and fast disappearing. Things like nationality, religion, caste, creed and colour have little or no influence on why people interact, mingle, work, party and celebrate with each other. Today’s viewer is inclusive in nature. He accepts the new and respects the old. He connects. He soars.

The Ampersand depicts the new age viewer’s graceful ability to connect with cultures, people and practices, as he pursues his dreams. The Ampersand in the logo merges seamlessly with the ‘P’ of Pictures and connotes the ease with which today’s viewer blends his ambition to soar high while remaining rooted to his sacrosanct values. The colour red also constitutes similar traits. It radiates his bold ambition as well as the richness of his traditional values.

The line ‘Sapnon ki Udaan’ celebrates this unique phenomenon, who’s reaching out to his dreams in newer skies with the power of his capability, confidence and elders’ blessings.