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Watch the Ukraine-Wales match broadcast live today in the World Cup play-off final

The confrontation of the Ukrainian team and its counterpart the Scottish team begins today in a fateful meeting, in the final match of the European play-off that qualifies for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, because the Ukrainian team, despite the Russian invasion, is trying to control a great success in its football career, in order to overcome the expense of the Wales team In order to succeed in climbing to the next World Cup, will he succeed by excelling and achieving the full mark, or will Bill’s companions be the most prominent mark?

The Ukrainian team succeeded in climbing in the last confrontation after excelling with great success at the expense of the Scotland team. Will it also succeed in this confrontation by excelling and achieving the full mark at the expense of the Wales team, or will there be a new negative result in its journey and fail again against a difficult team, and the Wales team was He succeeded in qualifying for this play-off after he performed a very strong performance, while the Ukraine team performed a strong performance in the groups, and thus promoted to the play-offs.

Ukraine is preparing for this meeting with great focus and enthusiasm after its success in overcoming and qualifying at the expense of the Scotland team in the last match, as there is only one stage and one step left to successfully qualify for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, and therefore today’s match is very important for the two teams. The Ukrainian is to achieve this precious victory, which will give him a successful qualification for the World Cup, or will the opponent have another response in that and he will succeed in overcoming it.

On the other hand, the Wales team seeks to control the match by achieving the important victory today at the expense of the Ukraine team, in a match that will be fiery and strong between them. My best effort to win.

Watch the Ukraine vs Wales match today


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