FB ZOOM 11 Mar 2019
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Firangi 2019+ 1080p hd movie
22 Jun 2019
Firangi 2019+ 1080p hd movie
Hs Habib · 25 Views

Live! 49ers Free Agency & Mock Draft 2019 - Ronbo Sports Red & Gold GM EP 5

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We are a day away from the time to possibly pick up some game changing talents starting from March tomorrow!
What can be expected of John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan who have had enough of the failings of the San Francisco #49ers as everybody else in the Niner community. What can be expected from here? You make the call. Red & Gold GM puts you in the front office today to find out if you know what it takes to build a championship franchise, as we ask the questions of…

—Who are the 49ers free agent targets?
—Who is "really" available?
—What players best fit the #49ers needs?
—What kind of dealings would be plausible to gain the talents needed to the roster?

Also April will follow with one of the most spectacular evening in sport! DRAFT NIGHT!!

—Are the 49ers going to stand pat in this 2019 period or Will they be trading down?
—What need is priority 1, and how will it be handled and treated?
—Will The 49ers balance their draft picks or lean more towards offense or defense? You tell us.

Todays #RedandGoldGM is YOU because YOU are IN CHARGED of the greatest sports Franchise in the world, the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS!
Our guest GM of today is #Ninerfaithful Hof-Coach Tim who’ll be looking to impress with his judgements and evaluation skills of football talents @5PM PDT. We want you to be the judge. Come on over and join the online chat on Ronbo Sports and question our GM or call in and ask him yourself Yourself.

Come on over, and join our online chat. We want you to vote for our GM. You’ll find the voting poll in the Ronbo sports app. If you believe the day’s GM is "the one" to lead the 49ers to their next dynasty vote "Yes" If you think the auditioning GM is not the right executive to stock the 49ers roster into the future vote "NO".

Call on with your questions at 650-524-5296, You will need a “pin number” That can be found exclusively in the Ronbo Sports FREE app!!

Download the Ronbo Sports app for further instructions:
App store: https://appsto.re/us/BFepdb.i
Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/....apps/details?id=com.

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Firangi 2019+ 1080p hd movie
22 Jun 2019
Firangi 2019+ 1080p hd movie
Hs Habib · 25 Views