Which one is best, WordPress or Laravel?

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That ultimately depends on what the client or the project stakeholder needs as well as the budget,timeline and long-term plan of the project. Having said that, both the WordPress as well as Laravel is actually good or best depending on certain parameters or conditions. I have explained it below.But I will also conclude as to which of the above two actually holds an edge over the other.

WordPress :

  • If the client budget is limited or timeline of the project is very short,then it will be better to opt for wordpress
  • If an ecommerce site is to be developed,then Woo-commerce using wordpress is a better alternative as woo-commerce is exclusively been developed for the ecommerce purposes and it has got an excellent support and resource system as well.
  • If the client wants to simply test the waters or test the viability of the product or have a MVP(Minimum Viable Product) version of his or her new product,then it will be a bit better to develop or test this in WordPress . Of course,if the product clicks and is successful,then he may or may not have to re-create this again in Laravel or Node JS or other such technologies for scalability purpose. This approach is a little double edged sword as it might prove to be costlier in the long run.

Laravel :

  • If factors like better security, scalability,speed,customisation is a huge factor,then hands down Laravel is miles ahead of wordpress.
  • Thanks to the built-in features like CSRF Protection mechanism in laravel,web applications made in Laravel are really more secure than wordpress.Wordpress severely lags behind in this aspect.
  • Web applications made in laravel can be customised to no limits.The only limitation here is the developers capability.This is definitely a huge factor when developing some products with cutting-edge features
  • The authorisation and authentication system of laravel is really a good feature. Laravel makes these features really easy to implement
  • Laravel supports popular cache back-ends, such as Redis and Memcached out-of-the-box.Because of this,the web applications developed in laravel is often faster.
  • The configuration error and handling exception feature is also very good in laravel
  • The support of modern programming paradigms like MVC framework has added a boost in the overall productivity of applications made in laravel.Because of this,the separation of business logic and presentation code is very much possible

Conclusion :

So,based on the above points,we can conclude that although both wordpress and laravel have got their positives,however we can conclude from the above points that Laravel does hold a better edge over wordpress due to its more offerings and features.

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