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WP Cloud Saver – WordPress File Sharing Plugin Free Download




WordPress Cloud Saver

WP Cloud Saver is a simple WordPress plugin that give a versatile approach of sharing file to end user which they can store into their Dropbox, Google Drive and so on. Right choice for Corporate Professionals, Developers
& Agencies, Small Businesses, Community Organizations and more.

Multiple Providers:
The plugin has covered the most popular file hosting services out of the box. Target more engagement, increase satisfaction and provide greater flexibility with desire for audience.

WooCommerce Hooks:
If you’re selling downloadable products in WooCommerce then this plugin will use the built-in WooCommerce hook to automatically integrate Google Drive and Dropbox saver buttons in order page.
This way, your client can download the file or effortlessly store it to Google Drive Or Dropbox.

Translation Template:
Translate our plugin in multiple languages, within minutes. Create a localized experience for admin user in
any language. Simple set-up, we provided .pot template file.

Clean, Modern and Mobile Friendly:
Responsive button and it’s option work properly in all most any device and screen that you can imagine.

Documentation and Support:
Well documented and commented files. You don’t need enough technical knowledge to setup and configure this
plugin. An Easy-to-Use guide with clear instruction may help you integrating this plugin step-by step, beside a
top notch customer
service team always responsive and available to assist you with any issues.

Please don’t ask pre-sale questions in comment section

You may not get an answer if you have asked presale questions in the comments section. Instead, please use the dedicated contact form on our profile page.

Shortcode Generator:
Plugin comes with a handy shortcode generator tools which let you generate shortcode for WPCloudSaver in a matter of time.


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